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performed by Kai Widmann

It's been my new year's resolution for 2011 to spend more time making/recording/mixing music. To force myself into doing so, I decided to put up this page and post one song I recorded every tuesday.
After eight months I couldn't go on with this. Having a stressful job and a family leaves not enough room to post on a weekly basis. But I will continue posting songs every once in a while. If you don't want to miss a song, you can follow me on SoundCloud or twitter or subscribe to my RSS-Feed.
You can find older recordings on the page of my old band HEY NONNY NONNY.

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Song 9: Push Forward (Lena)

2 March 2011 - Lena won the Eurovision Song Contest last year. "Push Forward" is on her new album and I like it better than the new ESC song "Taken By A Stranger". It's the first song I recorded in the new appartment, with some new equipment. Still getting used to everything.

Kai Widmann: vocals, guitars, rhodes

recorded on 22 / 23 February and 01 March 2011

music + lyrics by Daniel Schaub and Pär Lammers

originally released on Lena - Good News (2011)


Cildemac Marques - 04 March 2011, 17:44:07

I loved this version.

Holger - 07 March 2011, 21:34:01

I love it too, but I would be more interested in the original faster version of this song. The authors say that the original version was an uptempo song - and the Raab guys recorded it slow.
Maybe Lena will invite you to join stage with her - as Lady Gaga did with this girl: http://tinyurl.com/4k6tn9t
Good Luck to you!

Philipp - 14 March 2011, 15:19:44

Excellent cover idea, great track, well done. I really appreciate your tuesday songs.

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Song 8: Now (Hey Nonny Nonny)

23 February 2011 - Yesterday I was sick, so this time it's a wednesday song. Sorry for the delay. The studio is up and running again and I'm working on a new track, but it's not finished yet (have to add some more instruments). In the meantime you can listen to the last song recorded by my old band Hey Nonny Nonny. It's our best work, I think.

Kai Widmann: vocals, acoustic guitar / Holger Geißler: electric guitar / Amin Jan Sayed: bass / Handrin Fahmi: drums

recorded 1995

music + lyrics by Holger Geißler

originally released on Schön, Reich, Berühmt ... (Session Music Sampler, 1995)

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Song 7: Ballad of Cable Hogue (Calexico)

15 February 2011 - Due to some delays the studio still ain't up and running, so again I have to post an old recording. This one's dedicatd to Ruth, because today is her birthday and because it's her singing with me. The song was originally recorded for an album I made with my dear friend Philipp. Handrin was helping out on drums.

Ruth Kröger: vocals / Kai Widmann: vocals, guitars, bass, accordion / Philipp Weis: background vocals / Handrin Fahmi: drums

recorded January 2002

music + lyrics by Joey Burns

originally released on Calexico - Hot Rail, 2000
cover version originally released on Weis / Widmann - Phile y Kaili Frankfurt 2002 (2002)

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Song 6: White Flag (Dido)

7 February 2011 - I think Dido is a bit boring, but I always liked this song, especially the chord G minor that pops up when she sings "and I aways will be". Without that G minor I never would have covered that song ;)
It's from the archive, the studio is still in boxes.

Kai Widmann: vocals, guitar

recorded December 2004

music + lyrics by Dido Armstrong, Rollo Armstrong, Rick Nowels

originally released on Dido - Life For Rent, 2003


Philipp - 01 June 2011, 08:02:19

It's already week 22 but I just realized that week 6 deserves a comment. I like when a cover gets its own taste and flavor. The sparse instrumentation and your singing really fit the song.

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Song 5: Into My Arms (Nick Cave)

1 February 2011 - Another one from the archive. No guitars whatsoever. And again recorded for my wife.

Kai Widmann: vocals, rhodes

recorded December 2004

music + lyrics by Nick Cave

originally released on Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - The Boatman's Call, 1997

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