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It's been my new year's resolution for 2011 to spend more time making/recording/mixing music. To force myself into doing so, I decided to put up this page and post one song I recorded every tuesday.
After eight months I couldn't go on with this. Having a stressful job and a family leaves not enough room to post on a weekly basis. But I will continue posting songs every once in a while. If you don't want to miss a song, you can follow me on SoundCloud or subscribe to my RSS-Feed.

Since 2021 I'm part of a band again, Fahmi Friedrich Widmann, check our LinkTree page to see what we're up to.

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Song 32: What A Wondeful World (Louis Armstrong)

3 August 2011 - I'm in Switzerland right now, so at least this and the next week songs from the archive will have to do (if I manage to upload new tracks at all). Luckily there's a WIFI internet access I can use about 20 minutes from my appartment.
I'm in the Valle Maggia area, a region I've known since I was born. So I feel quite at home. All the huge mountains, forests, meadows, trees, cottages, waterfalls are quite beautiful to look at. It's a wonderful world.

Kai Widmann: vocals, guitar

recorded in 2006

written by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss

originally released on Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World (October 1968)


Mac - 14 October 2011, 04:44:24

Hey Kai!

It's a public note to ask you something:
Please do not drop this project!
It's indeed a wonderful thing to find some new song from time to time - even if it's not every week.

Kai - 14 October 2011, 07:11:33

Hey Mac,

I don't intend to drop it. I want to post every week and it makes me sad that I don't get to. It's just busy times. My private and professional life keep getting in the way.
But I now have two songs partially recorded. So there will be new songs some time in the future, hopefully soon. I will go on recording tonight, maybe I'll have a finished song by next tuesday.
As Madonna said: You'll see ;)

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Song 31: Desert In The Sun (Hey Nonny Nonny)

26 July 2011 - After all that stuff from "Die kaputten GØTTER" here's one from my later band "Hey Nonny Nonny". This song was originally released on a sampler we shared with some other bands, but we were not allowed to publish it the way we wanted. We are quoting the trumpet and a verse of Johnny Cash's "Ring Of Fire" in the middle part, so we requested permission to put it on a CD that way, but our request was denied. Since this was not our CD alone and we didn't want to risk not being allowed to sell it, we had to edit the song and get rid of "Ring Of Fire". The result was a very strange backward-part after the second chorus. Anyway, here's the unedited version with kind regards to Johnny Cash and his wife, who wrote that song ;)
During the next weeks I'll be travelling and offline most of the time. So there may be some weeks without any tuesday songs. But I'll practice some new songs in the meantime, so I hope I'll be able to finally post new recordings in some weeks. In the meantime: have a nice summer.

Kai Widmann: vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin / Holger Geißler: electric guitar / Amin Jan Sayed: bass, backing vocals / Handrin Fahmi: drums

recorded in 1995

music by Holger Geißler, lyrics by Holger Geißler and Kai Widmann

edit originally released on the sampler "Salad Bowl" (1995).
The full version was on a Hey Nonny Nonny best of CD Handrin and I compiled in 1998, but that's hardly a "release" since no one has this CD ;)


Cornelia Schölch - 09 May 2012, 01:17:32

Hey Kai,
I am listening to your old and new songs together with my 15 year-old daughter here in Texas. We are enjoying your music!
Yours Cornelia

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Song 30: Here It Comes (Doves)

19 July 2011 - This one was recorded with and is dedicated to my dear friend Philipp. I guess congratulations are in order!

Kai Widmann: vocals, melodica / Philipp Weis: guitar / Handrin Fahmi: drums

recorded on 19 January 2002, mixed in January 2002

music and lyrics by Williams, Goodwin and Williams

originally released on Doves - Lost Souls (2000)
cover version originally released on Weis / Widmann - Phile y Kaili Frankfurt 2002 (2002)

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Song 28 + 29: It's Raining / Worlds Blue Innocent (Die kaputten GØTTER)

12 July 2011 - It was 25 years ago today, on the 12th July 1986, that my first band, "Die kaputten GØTTER", was founded by André, Holger and myself, somewhere in Denmark (hence the strange O with a slash). That day has influenced all days to follow a great deal, up until today. There would have been no follow up band "Hey Nonny Nonny" without that day. There wouldn't have been any Demo-Tapes, CDs or concerts. And I doubt that there would be any tuesday songs.
So this date means a lot to me, and to celebrate this occasion accordingly, I've got two tuesday songs this week, representing two different aspects of our music, that stayed with us throughout the different incarnations of our bands.
The first one, "It's Raining", is the funny country song (later followed by songs like "This is my Day" or "Desert in the Sun"), always a pleasure to play at concerts, while "Worlds Blue Innocent" represents our darker side, dismal and broody. This song can be seen as a predecessor to "Mental Vibration" or "Unfading" (alright, almost no one knows these songs, but Mac, I know you know what I'm talking about).
It's mere coincidence that Holger didn't contribute to the writing of these two songs. In fact he was our main songwriter and none of those bands would have existed without his talent. I'm grateful that he stuck with me for ten years. Thank you, Holger! And thank you André for starting it all with us. And thanks to all the people who jumped on that crazy train and enjoyed the ride with us, some for years, some for months and some even only a few days: Jura, Ted, Ecki, Martin, Götz, Handrin, Andi, Anne, Claudia, Steffen, Volker, Wolfgang, Philipp, Amin Jan, Nathalie, Dirk. Thank you all, it was and still is a pleasure!
P.S.: I'm quite certain that I will improve those mixes during the next weekend after listening to them a few times. Because of my job I didn't have much time, mixing two songs in six hours is not an easy task, so come back here and check, I'll leave a note when I upload new versions.

It's Raining - Kai Widmann: vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, jaw harp, bass / Holger Geißler: electric guitar / Ecki Willer: drums
Worlds Blue Innocent - Kai Widmann: vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, accordion / Holger Geißler - electric guitar / Ecki Willer: drums

recorded in July 1990, mixed 11th and 12th July 2011

It's Raining - music by Jura Kojetinsky and Kai Widman, lyrics by Jura Kojetinsky
Worlds Blue Innocent - music and lyrics by André Richter, Kai Widmann and Jura Kojetinsky

original mixes released on Die kaputten GØTTER - Spuren der GØTTER (1990)


Mac - 18 July 2011, 15:05:29

Hello there!

What should I say on this very special celebration?
It would be impossible to imagine that in 12th July 1986 I was 11 years old and somewhere in Europe 3 friends had a meeting that would change my life forever.
Without that meeting I would never have met Kai and would not have visited Germany so often.

I wouldn't have had my beloved songs as my life's soundtrack and I really can't imagine my life without "Mental Vibration, Heyday!, Never again, This is my day, Now, Just a World, Prison, Sea of Dryness and a lot more"

Each song had a special moment to turn itself into a lifetime memory like "HEYDAY!" which I used to play every Saturday morning to celebrate my happiness to start a weekend and also my darkest moments as when I knew that my mom had cancer and had to fight for her life. Back then I was listening to Prison when I got the bad news and it supported me on my depression and, unexpectedly, made me stronger reliving my tension - mom is great and cured.

Grow had really something Special not only for me but for my friends. Once we (Flúvio and I) drove from Brasilia to São Paulo for 12 hours and then 12 hours driving back and the top HIT was Grow's CD. I still remember us listening and singing most of the songs billions of times. That happened in 1996 I guess. I didn't know Kai or Handrin back then but their work/fun was already part of some people's life in South America.

Following the timeline, "Never Again" was love theme for some friends who never had the chance to see any "Nonny" but was deeply in love for some girl listening to their hits.

Thanks to this special date I visited Kai and we became friends. Our friendship only brought me good things, good laughs, good emotions with music and motivated me to learn guitar which ended up in a formation of another band in Brazil called Walk. I wrote songs which was somehow unbelievable for me and I am now in a process of finishing new songs to record a CD - just for fun.

Thanks to Die Kaputten GØTTER I met Andreas - I wouldn't have visited Kai in Frankfurt in 1999 and I would never have met Andreas who is my business partner and also a friend who is more than family and Andreas would never have moved to Brazil in 2004 and it is idle to suppose that all that could happen without the meeting that 3 friends had in Denmark back in 12th July 1986.

Thanks to that day my life was twisted for better.

Thank you very much is the least I can say.

I love you guys!


Ecki - 31 August 2011, 19:39:38

Hi Kai and tuesday-listeners,

after many many tuesday songs - thanks for all your work with that! Now and then I'm downloading one; incredible how you manage all this beneath a completely normal i.e. time-consuming family- and work-life. Hope you get enogh sleep!
Although 'only' a gøtter-drummer for 1 year or so, the band was for my music-"career" (which did not lead so far, but at least I'm still drumming) something like the first love ... had one of my best times, ever. I'd love to meet you all again some day ... preferably at "Maria", but I guess she's out of the business!?

Mac, I dont know you, but thanks for your warm and heartfelt story!


Kai, the götter-songs are playable all right, but the download-links don't work (today)?

Kai - 02 September 2011, 11:52:14

Hey Ecki,

meeting you all again would indeed be great!
Download links are working now.



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Song 27: Famous Blue Raincoat (Leonard Cohen)

6 July 2011 - This one's dedicated to my oldest brother Götz, who is a huge Leonard Cohen fan (and a great singer/songwriter himself, see www.goetzwidmann.de). Besides I like this song a lot, too.

Kai Widmann: vocals, guitar, hammond

recorded 4th and 5th July 2011

music and lyrics by Leonard Cohen

originally released on Leonard Cohen - Songs of Love and Hate (1971)

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