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It's been my new year's resolution for 2011 to spend more time making/recording/mixing music. To force myself into doing so, I decided to put up this page and post one song I recorded every tuesday.
After eight months I couldn't go on with this. Having a stressful job and a family leaves not enough room to post on a weekly basis. But I will continue posting songs every once in a while. If you don't want to miss a song, you can follow me on SoundCloud or subscribe to my RSS-Feed.

Since 2021 I'm part of a band again, Fahmi Friedrich Widmann, check our LinkTree page to see what we're up to.

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Song 37: Pleasure Is Kisses Within (Keziah Jones)

26 June 2012 - Too busy to record new stuff, but I want to post at least one song each month, so here's one from the archive. This is the first song from "Frankfurt 2002", an album I made with my dear friend Philipp.
It was supposed to be quite a simple recording session, one microphone, two guitars, a few songs recorded in one or two days, no overdubs, no fancy studio trickery. In the end I bought some recording gear and a mixing desk, we recorded for about three weeks, invited more friends to join us and got an album of 11 songs that got far better than we ever expected.
That’s what got me back to recording after my band "Hey Nonny Nonny" had split up in 1996. And I'm still at it, even though my time is quite limited. Two weeks ago I had my first gig in ages, playing with my friend and colleague Georg in a pub in Berlin. And we have plans to record some of the songs we played, so there will be new stuff on tuesday songs some time this year, but not too soon. In the meantime the archive will have to do.

Kai Widmann: vocals, piano / Philipp Weis: guitar / Handrin Fahmi: drums

recorded and mixed in January 2002

written by Keziah Jones

originally released on Keziah Jones - Blufunk Is A Fact (March 1992)
cover version originally released on Weis / Widmann - Phile y Kaili Frankfurt 2002 (2002)

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Song 36: Battalions Of Strangers (Fischer-Z)

31 May 2012 - It's a thursday song, but who cares?
Fischer-Z's "Red Skies Over Paradise" was the first album I encountered as such. Putting it on the turntable and listening to it from the first to the last note was a sacred act for me some time in the early eighties. And "Battalions Of Strangers" was the song I loved most. Recently I discovered that it's quite easy to play and unexpectedly I got a decent first take that I later upgraded with a hammond organ an a melodic guitar mimicking the indespensable bass line. So here it is.
By the way, my very first tuesday song Blue Always Finds Me was recently updated with a piano and a new mix as well.

Kai Widmann: vocals, guitar, hammond

recorded and mixed in May 2012

written by John Watts

originally released on Fischer-Z - Red Skies Over Paradise (March 1981)

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Song 35: Comes A Time (Neil Young)

8 May 2012 - After months of silence finally a new tuesday song. I have some days off and recorded a few tracks today. That's my take on Neil Young. It's an uncommon way of singing for me. Way too high. But it got better than expected, so I think it's worth sharing.

Kai Widmann: vocals, guitar, blues harp, bass

recorded and mixed on 8th May 2012

written by Neil Young

originally released on Neil Young - Comes A Time (October 1978)

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Song 33 + 34: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas / White Christmas

16 December 2011 - Finally new stuff on tuesday songs, even though it is on a friday.
I've been busy during the last few months, and even if I wanted my professional and/or my personal life kept me from posting new songs every week. And I got tired of posting old stuff.
I surely won't find the time to post on a weekly basis again any time soon, but I hope that I can at least post a new recording every once in a while. The two songs today are not new, but there's no better time to post them than mid December, so here they are. These recordings were done with a colleague who played the piano. You might find "White Christmas" a bit strange. Well it is, it was meant as a joke. Fortunately it's so short, it's over in no time ;)

Kai Widmann: Vocals, Editing / Marcus Renner: Piano

recorded and mixed in December 2002

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - music by Ralph Blane, lyrics by Hugh Martin
White Christmas - music and lyrics by Irving Berlin

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - originally performed by Judy Garland in the musical "Meet Me in St. Louis" in 1944
White Christmas - originally performed by Bing Crosby on his NBC radio show "The Kraft Music Hall" on Christmas Day, 1941


lauren - 27 March 2012, 12:17:49

This is cool!

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Song 32: What A Wondeful World (Louis Armstrong)

3 August 2011 - I'm in Switzerland right now, so at least this and the next week songs from the archive will have to do (if I manage to upload new tracks at all). Luckily there's a WIFI internet access I can use about 20 minutes from my appartment.
I'm in the Valle Maggia area, a region I've known since I was born. So I feel quite at home. All the huge mountains, forests, meadows, trees, cottages, waterfalls are quite beautiful to look at. It's a wonderful world.

Kai Widmann: vocals, guitar

recorded in 2006

written by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss

originally released on Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World (October 1968)


Mac - 14 October 2011, 04:44:24

Hey Kai!

It's a public note to ask you something:
Please do not drop this project!
It's indeed a wonderful thing to find some new song from time to time - even if it's not every week.

Kai - 14 October 2011, 07:11:33

Hey Mac,

I don't intend to drop it. I want to post every week and it makes me sad that I don't get to. It's just busy times. My private and professional life keep getting in the way.
But I now have two songs partially recorded. So there will be new songs some time in the future, hopefully soon. I will go on recording tonight, maybe I'll have a finished song by next tuesday.
As Madonna said: You'll see ;)

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