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It's been my new year's resolution for 2011 to spend more time making/recording/mixing music. To force myself into doing so, I decided to put up this page and post one song I recorded every tuesday.
After eight months I couldn't go on with this. Having a stressful job and a family leaves not enough room to post on a weekly basis. But I will continue posting songs every once in a while. If you don't want to miss a song, you can follow me on SoundCloud or twitter or subscribe to my RSS-Feed.
There's also a YouTube channel with some stream concerts.
You can find older recordings on the page of my old band HEY NONNY NONNY.

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Song 27: Famous Blue Raincoat (Leonard Cohen)

6 July 2011 - This one's dedicated to my oldest brother Götz, who is a huge Leonard Cohen fan (and a great singer/songwriter himself, see www.goetzwidmann.de). Besides I like this song a lot, too.

Kai Widmann: vocals, guitar, hammond

recorded 4th and 5th July 2011

music and lyrics by Leonard Cohen

originally released on Leonard Cohen - Songs of Love and Hate (1971)

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Song 26: Behind My Falling (Die kaputten GØTTER)

2 July 2011 - All right, it's even later than last week. I was out of town and had no time to record or mix. I hope I will be on time next week ;)
This is another song from "Spuren der GØTTER", the final tape I made with my first band "Die kaputten GØTTER". This year marks our 25th anniversary, reason enough to revisit those old tracks. As usual please don't listen to the lyrics too closely. Writing lyrics in correct english wasn't one of our strongest virtues ;)

Kai Widmann: vocals, bass, glockenspiel / Holger Geißler: electric guitar / Martin Heike: acoustic guitar / Ecki Willer: drums, accordion

recorded in July 1990, mixed 1st July 2011

music and lyrics by Holger Geißler

original mix released on Die kaputten GØTTER - Spuren der GØTTER (1990)


Mac - 02 July 2011, 00:00:57

What a nice feeling I'm having listening to this song. Nevertheless if the lyrics is not "perfect English" since the feeling is far more important than that. ;)

Martin - 02 July 2011, 04:56:35

Uah, good to remember :)

Holger - 16 July 2011, 20:11:25

Great mix! Thanks.

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Song 25: Closer To Fine (Indigo Girls)

23 June 2011 - It has become a bad habit to post those tuesday songs late. Maybe I should call them "someday songs". Well, I have a profssional life as well and that's drawing all my attention recently. Anyway, this week it's at least not just another recording from the archive. I mean it is, but not just. I added a recorder (Blockflöte) that I wanted to have in that song ever since I recorded it more than nine years ago. Back then the song had to be finished for a birthday present, I didn't have the time to record another track and I never got around to work on it again. Not until today. So now this song is finally complete, no longer missing something in the instrumental part. And the new mix sounds better than the old one as well.
Here you go, some nice country / americana. Enjoy.

Kai Widmann: vocals, guitar, recorder

recorded 28 January 2002 and 23 June 2011, mixed 23 June 2011

written by Emily Sailers

originally released on Indigo Girls - Indigo Girls (1989)

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Song 24: Sad Songs And Waltzes (Willie Nelson)

15 June 2011 - All right, this week it's a wednesday song again. I'm way too busy.
There's a new Cake album out (Showroom of Compassion) and it's quite good. And this is a cover of a cover by Cake. The song was written and originally performd by Willie Nelson, but the Cake version is far better for my taste. So I tried to stay close to this. But I must admit I'm no way as cool as John McCrea (singer of Cake). Hope you'll like it anyway.

Kai Widmann: vocals, guitar, melodica

recorded 2006

written by Willie Nelson

originally released on Willie Nelson - Shotgun Willie (1973)
Cake's great cover version originally released on Cake - Fashion Nugget (1996)


Philipp - 16 June 2011, 07:36:32

Another smelly song (see Claudia, week 22). This time it would be grass and charcoal. That's hard to beat in terms of coolness.

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Song 23: The First Time (U2)

7 June 2011 - After my holidays I have a lot of work to do at the office. I worked too much yesterday and I will continue to work too much for the next two weeks or so. No time for new recordings. So here's an old one.
I never really was especially fond of the original version of "The First Time" by U2, but since it is easy to play I gave it a try some years ago and quickly started to like playing it. So I recorded this version for my wife's christmas CD in 2006.
New material or remixes as soon as possible.

Kai Widmann: vocals, guitar

recorded 2006

music by U2, lyrics by Bono

originally released on U2 - Zooropa (5 July 1993)

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